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Our Story

Born from the smoky depths of late-night jam sessions, Rehaab weaves the soulful threads of blues with the electrifying pulse of rock. Our music is a gritty fusion 12-bar blues meets thunderous guitar riffs. We channel legends from Freddie King, Gary Moore to Ted Nugent, infusing their spirit into every note.

Meet the Band:

  • Mike (Lead Guitarist/Vocals): Lightning solos that ignite the stage.

  • Grant (Drums / Percussion / Vocals): Primal beats from smoky dive bars.

  • Larry (Bass / Vocals): Grooves that make you move.

  • Roy (Lead Singer / Acoustic Guitar): A voice that scorches and soothes.

Our journey: From dimly lit local pubs to festival stages, we pour our hearts into every riff.

Join us, let’s keep original blues/blues rock alive, one chord at a time.


Rehaab - Fat Boy (State Highway Queen)
TWISTED FOOL Official Video by Rehaab NZ
NZ Blues & BBQ Festival
DEVIL WITHIN Rehaab Band NZ (Play on the Porch Day 2023)
Rehaab Original   "Lost and Found"
The Freeport with Cleaver & Co | Cleavers Indie Artists
vox + guest: The Rehaab Interview

"This is blues based hard rock with balls, and I can’t wait to hear more"

Kev Rowland

UK/NZ Music Critic and Author of

"The Progressive Underground Volume One"

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