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"This is a blues-based rock band with balls and I can't wait to hear more"

Kev Rowland

UK/NZ Music Critic and Music Book Author

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13th May 2024

"Don't miss these guys when they play a venue near you!"

Lead guitarist Mike (Mutt) Furness on stage experience includes European Tour 2017 with Mr Phil Rudd (ACDC) Band "Repo Man."

With experienced Auckland recording/live-stage bass player Laz Treanor now living in Tauranga, Aotearoa, New Zealand, they have united together with Hybrid Blues Drummer, Grant Mccracken and lead singer/song writer Roy Hudson who has achieved international song writing awards and toured UK/Germany.

Original Blues, Blues Rock, Rock, Rock Ballads, Blues Funk, Alternate Rock, Psychedelic. 



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